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We Welcome Everyone:
All Bodies, All Sizes, All Races, All Cultures, All Genders, and All Orientations.  
Every Body.

Our Story

Make Every Move Count

Four dedicated aerialists saw a need for a premier, inclusive, and positive studio in the Twin Ports Area.

At Northern Lights Aerial Studio, we believe in creating a community of people who love the power of movement.

Our experienced and enthusiastic instructors ensure that every student leaves feeling energized, joyful, and filled with all the passion that aerials have to offer.

Ready to embark on this incredible journey?

Register for one of our classes today!

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Aerial Hammock

Aerial hammock, or sling, is a single piece of fabric hung by the ends to create a closed loop. Students will be introduced to being upside down, beautiful shapes, transitions, and combinations.

Aerial Silks

Aerial silks are a single piece of fabric hung from a fixed point to create two panels for movement. Students will build a foundation in balance and strength while learning about how to move their body in the air.

Aerial Lyra

Our lyras, or aerial hoops, are taped, single tab, steel rings that are suspended from a fixed point. Students will learn how to sit, spin, move above, below, and inside the hoop through individual skill instruction and combinations.

Fitness Classes

Join us for a variety of group fitness classes that are open to all athletic abilities. We offer Aerial Conditioning, Mobility & Conditioning, and Hammock Stretch. 

Floor Dance

Floor dance is a modern style of dance that uses only the floor as your apparatus. In each class, you will learn a dynamic and sensual choreography that will build your confidence and body awareness. Open to all levels, dance beginners are welcome!

Pole Dance

Students will become acquainted with both spin and static pole, gain body awareness, and build strength on these stainless steel, vertical bars.

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Find Your Community at Northern Lights Aerial Studio


Student Testimonial

From Cassidy <3

Feeling a bit emotional about how grateful I am for this little community that has become such a big part of my life in a very short amount of time.
I'd always wanted to try a pole class, so when my friend asked me to go with her I said "HELL YES!!" I went in with no real expectations, other than having fun with her. I ended up absolutely adoring it and going every week for a couple months (through hell or high water, as I was almost always late.)
I tried Lyra for the first time on a whim, again not going in with many expectations other than having fun... Little did I know, that was the key to erasing so many preconceived notions I had about myself.
These classes have taught me more about what my body is capable of than any workout regimen I've EVER tried. I'm still learning, but even just being a few months in I'm more aware of myself in the best ways possible, you can even see it in the videos!
Shout-out to everyone at Northern Lights Aerial Studio for making such a space possible, I know I'm not the only one who feels this way because of the effort you guys put into all of it 🖤
And another shout-out to all the graceful, hard-working, and absolutely chaotic new friends I've made while I've been here. I hope to have pictures/ videos with you guys someday! You guys are the ultimate hype crew 🥹
Aaaaaaand a final shout-out to Lyra instructor Mary, with your gentle guidance and sunshine of a personality, I've been able to overcome quite a few physical as well as emotional obstacles, whether you knew it or not 🖤
Can't promise I won't always be this sappy but I can't stress enough how important this all has been to me 🗡️ Thanks for reading!!

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