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Learn About the Northern Lights Team


Owner and Business Manager

I first found pole dancing in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2020 and I was instantly smitten. I loved how pole dance combined athletic strength with feminine artistry, and made me feel comfortable and confident in myself. I moved to Duluth, Minnesota in 2022 and started taking pole, lyra, and silks with my fantastic co-owners. I fell in love with all the aerial arts, but I'll always be a pole dancer at heart. I love to flow and freestyle dance, and I especially love dancing in heels. I am passionate about making everyone feel welcome in our studio and helping people find confidence in themselves and their bodies.


Owner and Head Fabrics Instructor

I have been a movement teacher for upwards of 16 years for people of all ages. I first found aerial silks when my best friend asked me “Do you want to do something crazy?” After my first class, I was HOOKED! I take both lyra and pole but aerial silks and hammock are my favorites because they allow for so many fun shapes, cool moves, and crazy drops! My favorite move on the silks is anything split related!


Owner and Head Pole Instructor 

My first pole instructor was a fiery 64-year-old woman. It was my birthday treat to myself to attend one of her classes and I was over the moon! Pole is engaging, expressive, and insanely empowering. I felt so elevated and so tired in that hour; it was a life altering experience.
Five years later, in 2016, I became an aerial instructor. I LOVE making aerials an accessible form of movement. Helping other people realize their potential and their greatness is such a treat! Learning how to create a safe haven for others to have a prolonged practice is my (new) goal. 
I am so fortunate to create an aerial sanctuary with a group of people that I adore and respect.

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Owner and Head Lyra Instructor

My discovery of aerial arts in 2018 led me to a greater appreciation of my body, strength, and creativity in a way I had never experienced before. As I fell in love with lyra, I channeled previous soccer and Irish dance coaching experience into creating those same “lightbulb” moments for my students. What I love about coaching is being able to take a trick that seems impossible and breaking it down into manageable steps that allow students to grow their confidence and see progress. Relying on my degree in Exercise Physiology, my focus in lyra classes is on proper body mechanics and muscle engagement to create sustainable movement patterns for all bodies.

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